All of my coworkers agreed to dress up as smurfs for Halloween. Im the only one to go through with it.

Posted Oct 30, 2020 2:28:02 AM

Death's Intern

Posted Oct 30, 2020 12:13:02 AM

The way this dog is looking at Jimmy Fallon. They got beef.

Posted Oct 29, 2020 10:08:02 PM


Posted Oct 29, 2020 2:38:02 AM

Someone drove through the front of our local 7 Eleven. I wasn’t even supposed to be here today!

Posted Oct 29, 2020 12:28:04 AM

[OC] Jellyfish sting

Posted Oct 29, 2020 12:28:02 AM

Human thing

Posted Oct 28, 2020 5:58:04 PM

I've had the same giraffe shower curtain since I moved in a few years ago. At 26, I thought it was time to get a more serious curtain.

Posted Oct 28, 2020 5:58:02 PM

I went to the Airport

Posted Oct 27, 2020 11:43:01 PM

Werewolf transformation

Posted Oct 27, 2020 9:28:02 PM

United opinion

Posted Oct 27, 2020 7:13:01 PM

Husband made a barrier, and these two are not happy about it.

Posted Oct 27, 2020 2:58:02 PM


Posted Oct 27, 2020 6:13:01 AM

Ya'll comparing the Tesla logo to a cat's nose and I'm over here like "bro..."

Posted Oct 27, 2020 4:08:02 AM

Mom is the manager if the golf course. She's still keeping tabs on me, I'm 35.

Posted Oct 27, 2020 1:58:02 AM like a sir!

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