My brother in-law said.. why does the bunny rabbit with the walker have -6?

Posted Dec 26, 2021 3:12:02 AM

My mom got me Super Mario Sheets for Christmas. I'm 22 and have been living in my own apartment for 4 years, so I looked confused and disappointed. She said "What? It's not like anyone else is going to see your sheets" and now I don't know if that was ign

Posted Dec 25, 2021 10:10:01 PM

My daughter is obsessed with horses, but I obviously can't afford to buy her one. Bought her a gift card for riding lessons and wrapped it like this

Posted Dec 25, 2021 5:42:02 PM


Posted Dec 25, 2021 5:42:01 PM

Sometimes I really wonder if we are in a comedy show of an alien tv.

Posted Dec 25, 2021 2:12:01 PM

My doorbell rang tonight and a bunch of teenagers handed me this award

Posted Dec 25, 2021 7:10:02 AM

So just a hedgehog getting an X-ray..

Posted Dec 25, 2021 3:40:01 AM

Leave cookies by the fireplace for Santa and…..

Posted Dec 25, 2021 3:10:01 AM

I turned a picture of my Labrador pooping into a puzzle, gave it to my dad for Christmas as a white elephant gift. He put it together, framed it, and gave it back to me. That’s what Christmas is all about. ????

Posted Dec 25, 2021 12:42:01 AM

Silent Night, Holy Night

Posted Dec 24, 2021 11:40:01 AM

No desire to celebrate Christmas with your family? There's an easy solution for that!

Posted Dec 24, 2021 7:55:01 AM

Pizza time guys!! [OC]

Posted Dec 24, 2021 4:12:01 AM

Our dogs got a electric dog paw cleaner for Christmas that cleans by rotating…

Posted Dec 24, 2021 12:10:01 AM

My parents neighbors house has me dying.

Posted Dec 23, 2021 6:42:03 PM

What’s his rapper name

Posted Dec 23, 2021 12:10:01 AM like a sir!

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