I farted and my dog moved to the far side of the sofa and has been looking at me like this since

Posted Dec 9, 2018 1:52:02 PM

Never leave a man behind

Posted Dec 9, 2018 1:52:01 PM

A six year journey...

Posted Dec 9, 2018 12:52:02 AM

Pretty much the world right now.

Posted Dec 8, 2018 10:37:02 PM

This should be mandatory

Posted Dec 8, 2018 8:27:02 PM

Just a cat chilling on glass

Posted Dec 8, 2018 4:07:01 PM

Leaked: Stan Lee's new Avenger cameo

Posted Dec 8, 2018 1:57:02 PM

Lil Debbie

Posted Dec 8, 2018 7:27:01 AM

Girlfriend was curious about my new underwear, so I sent her a duck pic

Posted Dec 8, 2018 5:22:02 AM

These kids were asked to dress up as Elves for their school play. One kid dressed up as Elvis

Posted Dec 8, 2018 3:07:02 AM

My dad was Santa at our local Petsmart, was not expecting this

Posted Dec 8, 2018 12:57:03 AM

siren's song

Posted Dec 8, 2018 12:57:02 AM


Posted Dec 8, 2018 12:57:02 AM

View from the outside of a building

Posted Dec 7, 2018 10:52:02 PM

The truth about dad jokes

Posted Dec 7, 2018 4:22:01 PM

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