Came home for Thanksgiving and found out my 70yo mother has started growing, bottling and selling weed to her senior citizen neighbors.

Posted Nov 25, 2021 2:10:02 PM

Now that she said it, I can't unsee it. I can't stop laughing.

Posted Nov 25, 2021 5:40:01 AM


Posted Nov 25, 2021 12:55:01 AM

If Friends aired today.

Posted Nov 24, 2021 10:25:01 PM


Posted Nov 24, 2021 5:40:02 PM

My wife and I bought my father a personalized gift for Christmas. The wording that came with it was not what we submitted.

Posted Nov 24, 2021 2:25:02 PM

My wife fired me from baking cookies with her

Posted Nov 24, 2021 3:40:02 AM

I'm an "architect"

Posted Nov 23, 2021 10:55:01 PM

On no, it's a COMIC!!

Posted Nov 23, 2021 6:10:01 PM

We've failed

Posted Nov 23, 2021 2:12:02 PM

No Time to Die

Posted Nov 23, 2021 6:10:02 AM


Posted Nov 23, 2021 3:42:03 AM

How it all began

Posted Nov 23, 2021 3:42:02 AM

The minds of animals

Posted Nov 22, 2021 11:25:01 PM

On this day in 1978, a shopping mall in Cincinnati, Ohio was bombed with live turkeys

Posted Nov 22, 2021 9:42:01 PM like a sir!

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