My husband lost in his fantasy football league last year... he finally did his penance last friday

Posted Sep 3, 2018 9:35:01 AM

When the world just makes sense...

Posted Sep 3, 2018 3:05:01 AM

The Alpacalypse.

Posted Sep 3, 2018 12:56:02 AM

My husband and in-laws wanted a family photo while I was in labor and having contractions

Posted Sep 2, 2018 10:50:02 PM

Australians are savage

Posted Sep 2, 2018 4:20:03 PM

Going on a Road Trip !

Posted Sep 2, 2018 4:20:02 PM

I save earth ????

Posted Sep 2, 2018 3:20:02 AM

Saw this in my library, gave me a chuckle.

Posted Sep 2, 2018 1:05:09 AM

He just won't get old

Posted Sep 2, 2018 1:05:09 AM

No one will suspect a thing

Posted Sep 2, 2018 1:05:08 AM

Just two bros doing a best friends photo session after their ladies had one done

Posted Sep 2, 2018 1:05:05 AM

My son planted this carrot months ago. Tonight we feast!

Posted Sep 2, 2018 1:05:01 AM

Poor pup is in over his head at his new job

Posted Sep 1, 2018 10:50:02 PM

My daughter went to Preschool, then we homeschooled her for 9 years, and last week she started High School. Apparently for your student ID, they use the last photo on record.

Posted Sep 1, 2018 6:26:02 PM

It's just only me who wants safety tips !! :D :)

Posted Sep 1, 2018 2:05:01 PM like a sir!

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