Mark Gubin has maintained a “Welcome to Cleveland” sign painted on the roof of his building since 1978... the building is located near Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Posted Dec 8, 2021 7:10:02 AM

Rudolph. [OC]

Posted Dec 8, 2021 1:10:01 AM

Ah yes my favourite kind of clarinet.

Posted Dec 8, 2021 12:25:01 AM

Probably the dumbest decision in internet history

Posted Dec 7, 2021 11:55:01 PM

Merry Christmas.????

Posted Dec 7, 2021 9:12:01 PM

I did a shoot for a local casino, somehow made a face like I just smelt a fart, and they decided to use that shot for their ads

Posted Dec 7, 2021 4:25:02 PM

What are they celebrating?

Posted Dec 7, 2021 9:10:01 AM

Every introvert's nightmare

Posted Dec 7, 2021 6:40:01 AM

office work in a nutshell

Posted Dec 7, 2021 1:10:02 AM

The One Where Everyone Swaps Genders

Posted Dec 7, 2021 12:25:02 AM

Went to get Starbucks this morning and saw that they had turkey on the menu.

Posted Dec 7, 2021 12:25:02 AM

Long Lost Twin

Posted Dec 6, 2021 10:40:02 PM

Ross Cage

Posted Dec 6, 2021 8:42:02 PM

I’m mean… it’s technically correct!

Posted Dec 6, 2021 4:10:05 PM

Merry Christmas You Filthy Animal.

Posted Dec 6, 2021 2:10:02 AM like a sir!

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